Bride of Boogedy

Bride of Boogedy

Episode 101 – Bride of Boogedy

The name Disney is synonymous with a lot of things — magic, princesses, animation, Mickey Mouse — but one thing people don’t usually associate with Disney is horror. Well, maybe not horror per se. Maybe scary is the better word. There aren’t too many scary Disney movies out there. But we found one.

If you asked 100 people about the movie we’re about to cover, I would wager 99 of them would say they’ve never heard of it.It is, in fact, the sequel to an equally obscure movie we covered just about a year ago. It’s a movie that has magic, and ghosts, and revenge, and a demon being dragged back to hell. That movie is The Bride of Boogedy.

From Wikipedia:

Bride of Boogedy is a 1987 family film, directed by Oz Scott[1] and written by Michael Janover, which originally aired as an episode of “The Disney Sunday Movie.”[2]

It tells the continuing story of the Davis family and their encounters with an evil 300-year-old ghost in the fictional New England town of Lucifer Falls. The film is a sequel to Mr. Boogedy,[2] which aired in 1986.


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