Nickelodeon GUTS

Episode 98 – GUTS

Have you ever dreamed of dunking a basketball? Hitting a home run? Scoring the game winning goal in soccer match? Coming in first in the 100-yard dash? For some of you, I’m sure these weren’t simply dreams — they were realities. For others, like a lot of kids out there (myself included), these were the most improbable of fantasies.

But what if you could? What if you were able to perform athletic feats you’d never believed possible? That was the idea behind a Nickelodeon show that posed the question “what if there were an American Gladiators…but for kids?” That show was GUTS.

From Wikipedia:

Nickelodeon Guts (stylized as Nickelodeon GUTS) is an American television “action sports” competition series hosted by actor/writer Mike O’Malley and officiated by British actress Moira “Mo” Quirk. The series originally ran from 1992 to 1996 on Nickelodeon.

Each episode features three young athletes competing against each other in four “extreme” versions of athletic events culminating in a fifth and final round which set the three competitors on a race up an artificial “mountain” called the Aggro CragMega Crag, or Super Aggro CragNickelodeon GUTS reruns were shown on Nickelodeon from January 15, 1996 until January 31, 1999 before moving to Nickelodeon GAS from March 1, 1999 until the station ceased broadcasting on December 31, 2007 (April 23, 2009 on Dish Network). It has occasionally been seen in reruns on TeenNick since January 1, 2008; since 2011 those reruns would be found on the channel’s NickSplat block on an occasional basis.


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