Clarissa Explains It All

Clarissa Explains It All

Episode 95 – Clarissa Explains It All

Sitcoms are a staple of the television industry. They’ve been extremely popular since at least the 50s. Shows like I Love Lucy, Gilligan’s Island, All In The Family, Taxi, MASH, Three’s Company, Seinfeld and Scrubs, to modern shows like Parks and Recreation, Big Bang Theory, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine have all experienced tons of success.

But While the early 90s had plenty of sitcoms for adults, the same couldn’t be said about shows geared towards kids. Nickelodeon broke into the genre with Hey Dude in 1989. After proving that sitcoms for children could actually work, they followed Hey Dude with a new show in 1991 about a teenage girl and how she deals with things like boys, growing up, and dealing with her annoying brother. That show was Clarissa Explains It All.

From Wikipedia:

Clarissa Explains It All is an American teen sitcom created by Mitchell Kriegman for Nickelodeon.[3][5] In the series, Clarissa Darling, played by Melissa Joan Hart,[6][7][8] is a teenager who addresses the audience directly to describe the things that are happening in her life, dealing with typical adolescent concerns such as school, boys, pimples, wearing her first training bra, and an annoying little brother.


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Episode of The Book of Pooh (2001):


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