Dog City

Jim Henson’s Dog City

Episode 63 – Dog City

This week’s episode is Dog City…which is another listener request, and one that neither of us recalled that well when we first embarked. But something seemed familiar about Dog City. Perhaps it’s the animation by Nelvana, or maybe it’s the muppets by Jim Henson? Either way this show is an odd hodgepodge of both animation and puppetry. From the film noir to the writing, to the 4th wall breaks, this show has quite a lot to talk about. But do we have anything good to say about it? I guess that’s all the more reason to listen along with us this week!

From Wikipedia

Dog City is an American/Canadian television series that was produced by Nelvana Limited and Jim Henson Productions and aired on FOX from September 26, 1992 to November 26, 1994 and in Canada on Teletoon until 2000. The show contained both animation by Nelvana, and puppetry by Jim Henson Productions.


Jim Henson, Fox, Muppets, Nelvana, Fraggle Rock, Ron White, Elizabeth Hanna, The Legend of Zelda, John Stocker, Care Bears, James Rankin, Stephen Ouimette, Howard Jerome, Paulina Gillis, Dan Hennessey, Inspector Gadget, Tara Strong, George Buza, Rino Romano, Kevin Clash, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sesame Street, Fran Brill, Joey Mazzarino, Brian Muehl, David Rudman,


Show Intro:
Fan website:
Chicago Tribune article from 1993 about Jim Henson’s son:

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