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Doug Show Notes:

There are few shows that exemplify nostalgia for the early nineteen nineties quite like Doug on Nickelodeon. When we ask most people who remember this show, they tend to remember it fondly, including the two of us…However most of those same people haven’t actually sat down and watched an episode of Doug in roughly 20 years either. As always, that’s where we come in. Does Doug meet the expectations set upon it by our growing cultural nostalgia for a time long since past? And what do kids today think of the overly nervous, introverted protagonist? It’s a question we often ask, and an answer our toddler contributor is happy to give. Join us and see if Doug exceeds our expectations, or if our rose colored glasses need an adjustment in prescription.

Part of the appeal of Doug is how relatable he is as a character. He is a neurotic pre-teen that faces a lot of the same issues other pre-teens of the early 90s faced. He is concerned with popularity. He tries to make friends and get the girl. He worries about trying to do the right thing. There are lessons to be learned and stories to be told, both in “reality” and in Doug’s head. Heck, kids nowadays can still relate to Doug. Maybe not Porkchop, but definitely Doug. Maybe part of his appeal is that he reminds a few of us a little too much of ourselves when we were younger, for better or worse.

Highlights: Jim Jinkins, Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, Billy West, Becca Lish, Doug Preis, Fred Newman, Constance Shulman, Alice Playten, The Beets, Fan Theories, Mr. Dink, Roger Klotz, Skeeter Valentine, Patty Mayonnaise, Doug Funny, Creepypasta

Doug Links:

Fan theory/Creepypasta:
Explanation of said theory:
Skeeter teaches Doug to dance:

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