Someone needs to go back before this show was made.

Episode 13 – Back to the Future part 2

MARTY! We’ve done it! Done what Doc? We’ve relegated a brilliant scientist to perform 4th grade science experiments…with no dialogue!
Really? Who’s that, you? No, Marty! We’re just fiction Marty… It’s Bill Nye The Science Guy! Hey Doc, that’s terrible…Why’d we do that? Because they needed to make him as boring as our show Marty! Who’s they Doc? The writers Marty! MARTY! Do you remember what George Lucas did in 2008 to Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? Sure Doc…he ruined our memory of a beloved classic by making a mediocre cash in years later than it should have been made. Well Marty…they’ve done it again. To who Doc? TO US MARTY!
Tune in and see what Sean & Chris’s final take is for this one off animated series in Part two of Back to the Future the Animated Series.

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