The future didn't need this cartoon.

Back to the Future – Part 1

Marty! You have to come back with me! Where, Doc? BACK TO 1991! Where this terrible cartoon of our likeness was produced by hacks who must not have watched the movies. Like at all. Marty! It’s supposed to be for the kids, Marty. But it’s not. It’s for the garbage, Marty. Oh god, Marty. What have they done? They’re changing history to make it dumber and less interesting. Why did I ever agree to do live action segments for this damned show? You’d think someone who had the power of time travel would have seen this coming. I guess that blow to the head really scrambled my marbles. MARTY!

Remember when Biff Tannen became a complete wimp who waxed Marty’s truck at the end of the first film? Yeah, that’s this whole show. Sad and pathetic with some misplaced aggression. Where did they go wrong? Check out this latest episode. And plot? Where we’re going we don’t need a plot. BAAAAAAAAAAA BA BA BA BA BA BAAAAAAAAAAA!

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