Monster Force

Monster Force

Episode 60 – Monster Force

Week two of our spooktacular Halloween episodes gives us a shot at a little remembered, and even less known animated series called Monster Force. The classic Universal Monsters got their own very short lived animated series. It’s OK if you don’t remember it, nobody else does either. Unfortunately jogging our memories this week was difficult. Episode availability for this series is spotty at best making it a difficult to review, but there’s enough to get an idea. So what did we think? Take a listen and find out how much wasted potential this show really used up.

In the near future, Monster Force, a team of six teenager monster hunters, battle Creatures of the Night, monsters lead by the classic Universal monsters like Dracula, the Mummy, Wolfman and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

From Wikipedia:

Monster Force is a 13-episode animated television series created in 1994 by Universal Cartoon Studios and Canadian studio Lacewood Productions. The story is set in approx. 2020 and centers on a group of teenagers who, with help of high tech weaponry, fight off against classic Universal Monsters and spiritual beings threatening humanity. Some of the crew have personal vendettas (e.g., one has the “curse of the Wolfman” that has been handed down through generations and another had a family member taken away from her by Dracula), while others fight for Mankind out of a sense of altruism. The series aired in syndication alongside another Universal animated series, ExosquadUniversal Studios Home Entertainment released the first seven episodes to DVD on September 15, 2009.[1]Highlights:

Universal Cartoon Studios, Lacewood Productions, Marv Wolfman, Blade, Teen Titans, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, RoboCop, Craig Miller, Exosquad, Earthworm Jim, Kathi Castillo, Gerald Tripp, The Raccoons, Flash Gordon, Lawrence Bayne, Gargoyles, Highlander, Paul Haddad, Babar, X-Men, Philip Akin, David Hewlett, Stargate SG-1, Carol Larson, Howard Jerome, NeverEnding Story, Dog City, Robert Bockstael, Sailor Moon, Silver Surfer, Rob Cowan, StarCom, Dinosaucers, Playmates,


List of TV tropes that appear in the show:
Action figure checklist:

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