Robocop (Animated)

Episode 57 – RoboCop: The Animated Series

This week we are excited to welcome two very special guests… Our good friends over at Saturday Morning Cartoon Boom as we cover something interesting… RoboCop: The Animated Series! How in the world did a children’s animated series based on a rated R, ultraviolent film franchise ever get a green lit? Well it must have been a tentative green light because it only had 13 episodes made before having the plug pulled on it. This week we each picked an episode…buuut, there might have been a mix up! Oh well, we ended up figuring it all out! Join the four of us this week as we cover the absolutely ridiculous, and accidentally hilarious RoboCop: The Animated Series!

Based on the original movie, the series features cyborg cop Alex Murphy (RoboCop), who fights to save the city of Old Detroit from assorted rogue elements, and on occasion, fighting to reclaim aspects of his humanity and maintain his usefulness in the eyes of the “Old Man”, Chairman of OCP.

From Wikipedia:

RoboCop is an American animated series produced in the 1980s by Marvel Productions, and is based on the character and events of the movie RoboCop.[3]The show made a number of changes to the RoboCop universe to make it more appropriate for younger viewers, including replacing bullets with laser weapons and shifting the series to a more science fiction setting. In this series, RoboCop had a red light in the middle of his visor (which occasionally panned the whole visor).


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Show intro: TAS intro
Rotten Tomatoes for the film: Rotten Tomatoes
Behind the Voice Actors: Behind the Voice Actors
RoboCop shooting a bunch of dicks:
Saturday Morning Cartoon Boom: 

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