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Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears- Episode 45


  • Originally aired September 14 1985 on NBC at 8:30am ET
    • Congruently,  The Wuzzles aired the same day AND time but on CBS, which was also created by Eisner for Disney
      • The Wuzzles is an interesting show, one I hope we get to cover later.
    • It aired on NBC for 4 season, then from 89-90 it aired on ABC for one season, along with The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh as part of the Gummi Bears-Winnie the Pooh Hour
    • The show ended Sept 6th of 91 as part of The Disney Afternoon block
  • Of the series’ 65 shows, 30 were double-features, consisting of two 11-minute cartoons, thereby bringing the series total to 94 distinct episodes overall.
  • In later years, it was shown on The Disney Channel (from October 7, 1991[11] to at least January 1997

Created by


  • The show was originally inspired when Michael Eisner’s son asked his dad for the gummy bear candy



Theme music composer


Production company(s)


  • Gummi-Glen is a hollow tree that has a massive assortment of underground rooms and tunnels and is where our main Gummi cast lives
    • Later the Gummis end up discovering a lost Gummi city named Ursalia and they eventually move here
  • Castle Dunwyn is the nearby kingdom of Gummi Glen and home to all of our friendly human cast
  • Castle Drekmore is the home of Duke Igthorn. It is darker and foreboding and the sky is never seen to be blue, but usually is animated with browns, oranges, and reds. The castle appears to be in serious disrepair
  • Gummiberry Juice
    • This is the main plot device/ Deus Ex Gummiberry Juice

Gummi Characters

  • Gruffi Gummi
  • Zummi Gummi
    • (voiced by: Paul Winchell (seasons 1–5),
      • Original Voice of Tigger and Gargamel whom we mentioned in some of our previous coverage
      • Chris- I’d mentioned this before but he Held 30 patents, one of which was for one of the early artificial heart that he developed with Heimlich, and whose design was later adopted into the Jarvic artificial hearts
        • which is rather similar to the current LVADs used for bridge to transplant patients like the HeartMate II by Thoratec (They’re working on the new HeartMate III which is amazing)
        • Sorry, this stuff is super interesting and also kinda my day job so
      • Jim Cummings (season 6)
        • We’ve talked about him so many times as he is of course Darkwing Duck, Pete the cat, and the current voices of Tigger and winnie the Pooh, and we’re gonna mention him again soon as he is the voice of Monterey Jack on Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers
  • Grammi Gummi
    • (voiced by June Foray) Still alive at the time of this recording, and turns 100 September 18th 2017
      • She is the voice of Magica De Spell on DuckTales (who we will discuss more in the coming weeks,
      • She was Jokey Smurf, Cindy Lou Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas,
      • Rocky the Flying Squirrel from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show
        • Chris- This is a great older show to do. I watched a bunch of this show and have really fond memories of it
      • Foray voiced the wife of the man getting dunked (“Don’t tell him, Carlos! Don’t be cheekin!“) in Pirates of the Caribbean I believe in the movie
  • Tummi Gummi
  • Sunni Gummi
  • Cubbi Gummi
  • Augustus “Gusto” Gummi – Season 2
    • (voiced by Rob Paulsen)
      • We’ve also mentioned him a billion times as the voice of Yakko Warner, Pinky from Pinky and the Brain, Raphael from the 1987 TMNT cartoon,
  • There are other Gummi’s that occur later like (we don’t need to discuss them unless we cover these episodes)

Good Humans


  • Duke Sigmund Igthorn
  • Toadwart (Toadie)
    • (Voiced by Bill Scott (Season 1),  Corey Burton (Season 2-6):
      • Burton is the voice of Duke on the Tartakovsky Clone Wars and the 3d animated clone wars series
  • Lady Bane ( doesn’t appear in the first 10 episodes or so at least)


    • Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears was Disney’s first major serialized animated television series and is often credited by animators and animation historians as having helped jump start the television animation boom of the late 1980s and 1990s.
    • The show was so successful in the United Kingdom that the episodes A New Beginning and Faster than a Speeding Tummi were released as theatrical featurettes there in 1986 and 1987.
    • The show’s popularity also led to a re-theming of Disneyland‘s Motor Boat Cruise (which close in 1993 #sadface), along with a small part of Disneyland that became known as “Disney Afternoon Avenue.” The Motor Boat Cruise became the “Motor Boat Cruise to Gummi Glen” and plywood characters from the show made Gummiberry Juice along the waterway.
      • Motor Boat Cruise closed in 93 so that Disneyland could canibalise the operating budget and put it towards Mickey’s Toontown
        • I remember in High school the loading area was turned into a smoking area


  • The Motor Boat Cruise was the subject of a running joke in the Freakazoid! episode “The Cloud“, in which various characters lament the attraction’s recent closure, as well as those of the Skyway and Adventure Thru Inner Space. When he learns the Motor Boat Cruise has been shut down, Freakazoid cries out “NOOO!!!! NOT THE BOATS!!!!!


Episodes to cover

1, 2, 3,

Chris’ Pick #33: S1E21 “My Gummi Lies Over the Ocean”

Sean’s Pick #21 : S1E13 “Light Makes Right”



Episode list: List of Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears episodes

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