Show Notes – Animalympics


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Directed by

Produced by

Written by

  • Steven Lisberger
  • Michael Fremer
    • involved in Animalympics as a co-writer, voice artist, dialogue/music track editor and sound mix supervisor. Fremer went on to supervise the Academy Award nominated soundtrack to Tron

Story by


Who plays what

  • Gilda Radner as Barbra Warblers / Brenda Springer / Cora Lee Perrier / Tatyana Tushenko / Dorrie Turnell / The Contessa
  • Billy Crystal as Rugs Turkell / Joey Gongolong / Art Antica
  • Harry Shearer as Keen Hacksaw / Mayor of Animalympic Island / Burnt Woody / Mark Spritz
  • Michael Fremer as Henry Hummel / René Fromage / Kit Mambo / Bolt Jenkins / Kurt Wuffner / Dean Wilson / Mele / Count Maurice Boar-Deaux / Jackie Fuelit / Bear McLane / Guy Lafluke / Bjorn Freeborg / Mamo Ululu

Music by

  • Graham Gouldman
    • Longtime member of the art rock band 10cc
    • Soundtrack recorded in 1979

Production Company


  • Originally commissioned by NBC in 1978, it was produced as two separate shows intended to air along with the network’s 1980 summer Olympics coverage.
    • However, only the half-hour winter show made it to the small screen in late 1979 as the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan in December of 1979 caused President Jimmy Carter to boycott the Moscow Summer Olympics in January of 1980.
    • As America stayed away, NBC canceled its Olympic coverage, and Lisberger’s hour-long companion special along with it.
    • However, from its conception, producer Donald Kushner and director Steven Lisberger intended the project as a feature-length theatrical release.
      • The resulting version, recorded and mixed in Dolby surround sound via magnetically striped 35mm film, had its debut at the 1980 Miami Film Festival, where it was well received. It was released in various countries overseas during the summer season that same year.
  • Though it never found a theatrical distributor in the U.S., Animalympics was soon acquired by Warner Bros. for home video and pay-TV release. The film aired in summer 1984 on HBO and Showtime nationwide, as well as intermittently during the early to mid-1990s on The Disney Channel, and also on Philadelphia’s PRISM. It was also shown on an NBC affiliate WPTZ on July 4, 1982.
  • Considering that the film was produced in 1979, several music-video-like sequences accompany its soundtrack by 10cc‘s bassist Graham Gouldman, uncommon at the time.
  • Among those who worked on Animalympics were art director/animator Roger Allers, animation director Bill Kroyer, and animator Brad Bird.
  • Director Lisberger went on to conceive, co-write and direct the science fiction cult classic Tron, which some of the Animalympics crew were involved in.





Full Length Film:

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