Show Notes – The Centurions

The Centurions- Episode 36

Centurions: Power Xtreme was a syndicated American science fiction animated television series.


  • There was also a line of tie-in toys by Kenner and a comic book series by DC Comics.
  • Kenner
    • original series of Star Wars and Jurassic Park action figures, The action figures for The Real Ghostbusters. The company was closed by its corporate parent Hasbro in 2000.
    • Easy bake Oven, Spirograph
    • popularized the 3.75 inch action figure that became an industry standard that continues to dominate the action figure toy market.

Music by

Animated by

Executive Producers


Production Company




Weird Trivia

  • Oddly enough there is a wikipedia entry for “Rory Williams – Rory Williams”
    • which links to the fictional Character Rory Williams played by Arthur Darvill from Doctor Who. Rory was a main character in episodes Featuring Matt Smith (as the Eleventh Doctor). (2010-2012)
    • I think I know how he may have mistakenly ended up on the Wikipedia entry for this show. In one of these episodes his character gets a robot copy made that then guards his love interest for thousands of years and historically is then known as “The Last Centurion”.
    • Darvill is currently Rip Hunter in Legends of Tomorrow on The CW (which I know is not the best show on TV but is totally a guilty pleasure).


Check out our episode on The Centurions here.

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