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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers- Episodes 30 and 31



    • The original Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott
      • practicing martial arts since he was five years old and holds a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo, a first-degree black belt in Judo, and he also practices Kenpo
      • In an interview from 2014 Austin St. John said: “ I left the show in my early 20s and after that I traveled and did a lot of martial arts learning and instructing all around the world. I finished up my Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Science Health Studies. Then I went into emergency medicine and I ended up working about 12 years on the street as a paramedic … Then I went to the Middle East and spent the last four years as a medic with tactical operations attached to military operations taking care of our soldiers. (St. John spent time in Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq.)”
      • Wields a sword and holds the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord coin and is the defacto leader
      • Austin St. John: Born in 1975 (age 41)


  • Says that Walter Jones ( the black ranger is his closest friend)
  • Says none of the original rangers ever dated each other, but said he had like a 5 minute crush on Thuy


  • The original Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan
    • Wielded Sai’s like Raphael in TMNT & held the Saber-Toothed Tiger Dinozord coin
    • Trini is one of the intellectuals of the team, often having to translate Billy’s techno talk for the other Rangers & is also an environmentalist in the show
      • Thuy Trang Born in 1973, died in 2001 at age 27 in a car accident on the 5fwy between LA & San Francisco
      • Got a scholarship to study engineering at UCI but had a chance run in with an agent in 92 and went into acting instead.
      • Practiced Kung Fu
  • The original Black Ranger Zachary “Zack” Taylor
    • Wielded an axe and held the Mastodon Dinozord coin
    • terrified of snakes, spiders, and insects
    • created his own bogus fighting style, called Hip Hop kido (which is a rip-off of Capoeira)
      • Walter Jones Born 1970 (age 46)
      • Jones also had a major role in the backyard wrestling movie Backyard Dogs, which spent time as the lowest-rated movie on the Internet Movie Database. As of July 2007, it is no longer on the list as it was straight to video
  • The original Pink Ranger and the first Pink Ninja Ranger Kimberly Ann Hart
    • Wielded a Bow and held the Pterodactyl Dinozord coin
    • In early episodes she’s a typical valley girl
    • The most sarcastic, usually the one with a witty one liner (as witty as a power rangers one liner can be)
    • Speaks sign language
    • Does gymnastics, and uses her gymnastics abilities while fighting
    • Skull has a crush on her, but she eventually gets with the green ranger
    • Apparently she breaks up with Tommy later through a dear john letter from Florida in one of the later seasons/ shows
      • Amy Jo Johnson Born 1970 (age 46)
      • Was also on  Felicity as Julie (WB series created by JJ Abrams 98-2002)
      • Was a regular on the Canadian show Flashpoint
      • Competeded internationally as a Gymnast in the uneven bars, vault, beam, and floor
      • Musician with 3 albums
  • The original Blue Ranger and the Blue Ninja Ranger William “Billy” Cranston
    • Wielded a double bladed lance that could come apart and held the Triceratops Dinozord coin
    • the only original Power Ranger to remain for the entire MMPR series, and is the second longest-serving Ranger overall behind Tommy
    • Considered the brains of the group (because of course he his, he wears glasses & its 1992)
    • Billy’s last name came from actor Bryan Cranston, known for his roles on Malcolm In The Middle and Breaking Bad, who had voiced several monsters on the show earlier in his career
      • David Yost. Born in 1969 (age 48)
      • Was a gymnast who won state championships in Iowa and Montana
      • Has a BA in communications
      • Was in more than 200 episodes of Power Rangers
      • He was the only cast member to appear in every single episode of the original series; his character never changed his colors or passed on his power coins to successors like the rest of the original cast.
      • Currently on the convention circuit, he is also a director and producer, having worked on several TV movies
  • The Green Ranger and later White Ranger and White Ninja Ranger (as well as the second team leader) Thomas “Tommy” Oliver
    • Wields the dragon flute/dagger which is what he uses to call on the Dragonzord
    • Holds the dragon coin
    • Tommy is a legend among the Power Rangers community and is considered to be the greatest Power Ranger of all time, having been five different Power Rangers — the Green Ranger, the White Ranger, Zeo Ranger V–Red, the Red Turbo Ranger, and the Dino Thunder Black Ranger — and a part of four Ranger teams over the years. In addition, Tommy is a lifelong practitioner of the martial arts; during the first season of Power Rangers, he was referred to as having a third-degree black belt in karate. By Power Rangers Dino Thunder, he is a 6th degree black belt.
      • Jason David Frank. Born 1973 (age 43)
      • Originally auditioned for the red ranger, but came back later and auditioned for and got the green ranger role
      • With his knowledge of many different styles of martial arts, Frank collected the most practical applications, modified them with his own philosophies and created his own blend of American Karate, “Toso Kune Do“.
      • June 28, 2003, he was inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame
      • Guinness World Record (Most pine boards broken in freefall) in 2013

Supporting Cast/ Villians

  • Zordon
  • Alpha 5
  • Farkas “Bulk” Bulkmeier and Eugene “Skull” Skullovitch
    • Two bullies at Angel Grove High School. Bulk, the leader of the duo, was prone to dragging Skull into wacky schemes, which usually failed miserably and ended in humiliation or injury. In the second season, the two decide to discover the identities of the Power Rangers after they were saved by the Rangers in “The Mutiny”. In the third season, they enroll in the Junior Police Force in order to impress girls. Thanks to the efforts of their superior officer, Lt. Stone, the duo become good-natured goofs. Portrayed by Paul Schrier (Bulk) and Jason Narvy (Skull).
    • Narvy currently holds a PhD in Theater Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He is currently an assistant professor in the Theatre Department at Concordia University in Chicago.
  • Rita Repulsa
  • Goldar
  • Portrayed by Takashi Sakamoto, Kazutoshi Yokoyama and Danny Stallcup (former two uncredited) and voiced by Kerrigan Mahan.
  • Finster
  • Rita’s chief monster maker in the first season. Portrayed by Takako Iiboshi (uncredited) and voiced by Robert Axelrod.
  • Squatt
  • One of Rita’s henchman. A short, fat, blue creature resembles Bulk. Usually blamed for Rita or Zedd’s failures. Portrayed by Minoru Watanabe (uncredited) and voiced by Michael J. Sorich.
  • Baboo
  • One of Rita’s henchman. A tall, bat-like creature who wears a monacle resembles Skull. Usually chastises Squatt when Rita’s plans fail and too is often blamed. Portrayed by Hideaki Kusaka (uncredited) and voiced by Colin Phillips
  • Putty Patrollers
  • Warriors made of clay who act as Rita Repulsa’s foot soldiers, the Putties are often sent to wear the Rangers down before a monster battle, as well as for sabotage and other special missions. In Season 2, Lord Zedd upgrades the Putty design, completely replacing Rita’s original design. Zedd’s Putties are superior to the original Putties and are more expendable. However, Zedd’s Putties also have a big weakness—striking the Z-logo on their chests causes these Putties to explode into pieces.

Miscellaneous Trivia and info

For 2nd Podcast

  • Following Production of the first 20 episodes of season two, Austin St. John, Thuy Trang and Walter Emanuel Jones left the show over contract disputes. To disguise this incident, a combination of body doubles, voice doubles and stock footage were used to continue featuring the characters Jason, Trini and Zack for eight episodes. The subplot of those three Rangers leaving Angel Grove for the World Peace Conference was made to bridge the transition to their replacements (Rocky, Aisha and Adam). While the reasons for their departure was debated for many years, in 2014, Austin St. John would confirm that the departure was due to the low salaries the stars were being paid; St. John stated “I could have worked the window at McDonalds and probably made the same money the first season. It was disappointing, it was frustrating, it made a lot of us angry.” In a 2012 interview with Amy Jo Johnson, she stated St. John, Trang and Jones wanted to become part of a union; this led to them being replaced.
  • After all available stock footage from Zyuranger was used for the first 40 episodes of season one, Saban commissioned Toei to produce 25 new monster costumes and new battle footage using the existing Zyuranger suits. Saban was able to produce 20 additional episodes using 15 of the monster suits. This new footage has been referred to as “Zyu2” by Power Rangers fans. Saban then used the remaining suits and footage for the first 12 episodes of season two.
  • After the casting of Steve Cardenas, Karan Ashley and Johnny Yong Bosch, the production moved to Sydney, Australia for roughly four months to shoot Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, which was released the following summer before the start of season three
  • When(Zack), (Jason), and (Trini) left the show (over contract disputes), their characters stopped making new on-screen or face-to-camera shots- simply being shown in their Ranger uniforms, using old footage, or with doubles who were never directly facing the cameras- before they were written off in the two-part “Power Transfer” episode in which their characters were chosen to attend the World Peace Conference. Zack’s powers were transferred to Adam Park. Though Jason later returned in Power Rangers Zeo, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, and the tenth anniversary special “Forever Red,” it was never stated what became of Trini & Zack after the peace conference, although Jones did return to the show in a few episodes in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and Power Rangers Wild Force mainly doing voicework for monsters and villains.
  • The choice of color for the Black Ranger (Zack Taylor) and Yellow Ranger (Trini Kwan) have been a source of criticism, due to the belief these colors are representations of their racial backgrounds. There are many parodies illustrating the perceived inherent racism of the show. According to the producers, this was not noticed until the tenth episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The color casting has been widely claimed as accidental
  • David Yost has stated he had walked off the show a few episodes prior to his character’s departure, due to repeated and ongoing homophobic slurs by the creators, producers, directors, and writers of the series, which is why he does not appear in them. However, producer Scott Page-Pagter has denied these statements, claiming Yost left over a salary dispute and had conflicts with members of the crew. As a result, stock footage of Yost was used for his departure and the character was voiced by someone else. (In broadcasting Billy’s departing message to his friends, it was mentioned they were having trouble with the signal.) He was also the last of the original Power Ranger team to leave the show, although his former teammate Jason had returned as the Gold Ranger at that time.
  • Scott Page-Pagter, a producer of the show starting with Power Rangers Zeo, responded through TMZ that Yost actually left over a pay bonus being dropped but did not elaborate further or dispute any of Yost’s claims about the outside reasons for leaving the show. Saban Entertainment made no official statement regarding the subject. After Yost left the show, he attempted to change his sexual orientation with conversion therapy for two years, but was unsuccessful. Eventually, he had a nervous breakdown which resulted in his psychiatric hospitalization for five weeks. After he checked out, he moved to Mexico for a year and eventually accepted his sexuality.
  • The actors who played Bulk, Skull, and the Green Ranger are very close friends
  • Ricardo Medina, Jr is the Power ranger who was charged with stabbing his roommate with a samurai sword in Green Valley California Feb 2015
    • It’s a different power rangers series ( Power Rangers Wild Force-the 10th season of Power Rangers from 2002)

Differences between MMPR & Zyurangers





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